This is Harpa Dögg Kjartansdóttir
I was exploring around Reykjavik centre, when I came across 
Crymo Gallerí

© Harpa
Harpa would go to the docks where they were painting the ships, they would use the same paint buckets for all the different boats, what ever colour they were to be painted and would just 'erase' the last paint they were using with paint stripper they would then re-fill the bucket. Harpa would seek these buckets out whenever she could. Then cut and flatten them, her artwork was coincide with whatever happened to be on the inside of the flattened paint bucket, so no two are the same.Its all on chance. She then would work from whatever she found in the buckets, and create collages from tiny pieces of paper mostly from Vogue magazine to create bizarre and twisted landscapes.

This was another part of the exhibition which was upstairs, you had to walk up a narrow steep staircase to discover this part, as you managed to clamber up there you heard the noise of a low thumping heartbeat.

Image© Harpa